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Canvax is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the most innovative solutions, kits and R&D Reagents inside Molecular Biology fields. Since its foundation in 2001, Canvax offers reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use innovative tools for research.

Based in Córdoba (Spain), since its beginning it has focused on R&D of multiplex high throughput platforms (HTS) for Drug discovery and Diagnostic applied biosensors. Over a decade later, Canvax is a worldwide leading expert in GPCR expression in heterologous cells, with important patents and exclusive know-how. Canvax prides itself to be the first company to get an unprecedented milestone that could revolutionize the Diagnostics sector: Canvax established stable high-level expression of odour GPCRs into heterologous cell lines in 2014.

This key milestone, that could be applied in diagnostic, perfume and cosmetic industry, are being employed to obtain a molecular nose, a sensitive and non-invasive diagnostic molecular device for early detection of cancer, as the nose of trained dogs do. Thanks to this project, Canvax was awarded, in 2013, with the largest Public & Private Contract for Pre competitive Technology Development in Spanish history.

Some Awards and acknowledgments

» 10 Patents (in 32 countries).

»Largest Public & Private Contract for Pre competitive Technology Development of Spanish History, 2013.

» Most Innovative Company Award, 2014 (by Andalucía Económica).

» Santo Tomás de Aquino Prize , 2008 (by University of Córdoba).

» First Prize of 50K Business plan competition, 2001 (Fundación San Telmo in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT).

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Our Business areas

Thanks to our sustained commitment to R&D, exclusive patents and unmatched know-how, Canvax has prominent outcomes within the following business areas: Drug Discovery, Nutraceuticals, R&D Reagents, Biosensors and Molecular Nose.


Drug discovery

Canvax has built a unique ecosystem of Excellency for drug discovery and development, to cover unmet clinical needs in disorders such as cancer and central nervous system diseases. It is supported by a worldwide expert network in disease target validation, screening of novel molecular libraries against both kinases and GPCRs, medicinal chemistry, in vitro and in vivo studies, ADME and toxicology studies.

One patented lead molecule, Bozinib, is already in preclinical research and has shown promising properties as anticancer agent, specifically against cancer stem cells, the resistant core of cancers. Three more programs are ready to enter the drug discovery phase using Canvax´s exclusive screening patented platform, FRIDAGPCR, a robust cell-based homogeneous assay validated for cancer and central nervous system GPCRs.

FRIDAGPCR screening technology allows us to outline a diversified pipeline of innovative drugs.

IndicationDiscoveryPreclinicalClinical Stages


Oxidative stress is a common hallmark of several neurological diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson, Schizophrenia, Multiple Sclerosis and Huntington diseases, and the imbalance in the oxidation-reduction equilibrium is also related to the pathogenesis of Cardiovascular Disease and Metabolic Syndrome.

Canvax, in collaboration with IMIBIC (Córdoba, Spain), have developed a patented formulation from a vegetal source that ameliorates significantly oxidative stress in an animal model of Multiple Sclerosis. In addition, Canvax´s Scientists have developed a process that improves 14-fold the yield of the active molecule, when compared to the best industrial process used today, and such process is also being patented.

Canvax is carrying the human Proof-of-Concept (PoC) for the value of the product as a functional ingredient. It is expected to begin commercialisation by late 2016.

IndicationDiscoveryPreclinicalClinical Stages
Multiple Sclerosis
Metabolic syndrome

R&D Reagents

Accelerating your Molecular Biology Discoveries: Canvax markets all its unmatched know-how, exclusive expertise and worldwide leading R&D knowledge through its area specialized in design, and manufacture and market the most innovative solutions, kits and R&D Reagents within the various Molecular Biology fields.  Thanks to our reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use products, we enable our worldwide customers to improve its laboratory productivity and achieve their goals for a better understanding of Science. Today, we are proud to be one leading Spanish manufacturers of R&D reagents by revenues and loyal customers, thanks to our customer focus, best-in-class Customer Service and talented young team of researchers.

Immunoenzymatic Biosensors and Molecular Nose

All our original know-how obtained in GPCRs Expression during the development of the HTS FRIDA platform has allowed us a prestigious entry in a great scientific and technical innovative field as is Odorant Receptors. First described in 1991, this large family of molecules (approx. 300 in humans and 1,000 in dogs and rats) has been difficult to express in heterologous cells, until Canvax achieved stable high-level expression of odour GPCRs into heterologous cell lines in 2014, aiming to develop a Molecular Nose with important applications in the Pharmaceutical industry as a Biosensor for the detection of cancer and other diseases, in the fragance industry to establish a molecular brand of a perfume; and even in the identification of individuals by their smell. We are highly committed with this relevant and exciting challenge and totally sure that our expertise and exclusive know-how favours this line of development. Obtaining a Molecular Nose for diagnostic purposes is an addition to Canvax ‘s innovative biosensors area.


According to Immunoenzymatic Biosensors, we are developing Multiplex assay methods compatible with a wide range of proteins. Although multiplex tests are available for molecules against which antibodies are highly specific (e.g. Interleukins), it couldn’t be extended to the entire market of molecules that are detected by monoplex immunoenzymatic methods. In this area we are focused in the development of better assay surfaces, methods to coat them with orientated antibodies and more sensitive  systems already in development.

Grants & Funders

Management team

Canvax currently comprises 26 people, highly specialized in Molecular and Cell Biology. Most of team members hold Bachelor, Master or PhD degrees from leading establishments. We would like to specially highlight the following:

Elier Paz, BSc
CEO & Founder

Elier is a top Management specialist, with an extensive experience in the Biotech and Drug Discovery sector over the last 20 years. Elier founded Canvax, in 2001, with the goal to link scientific approaches with industrial applications. Previously, he had been working in the Mediterranean Diet Research Group at Hospital Reina Sofía, Córdoba (1997-2001), and he holded an Academic position in Biochemistry Department at Universidad de La Habana (1995-1997). For over a decade, he has been leading Canvax as a profitable company, raising public and private fundings, showing spectacular skills to maximize the company’s resources and to get important partnerships.

Fé García, PhD
R&D Manager and Founder

Fé, co-founded Canvax after holding an Academic position at La Universidad de La Habana (1993-1996) and completing a PhD degree in Genetics at Universidad de Córdoba (1996-2000). Currently, she is responsible for the company’s entire R&D management, and a recognized expert, with more than 20 years of experience in Molecular Biology, collaborating in the establishment of efficient GPCR expression cassettes, highly efficient viral vectors, cloning and recombination approaches.

Xabier Barandiaran, PhD
Investors Biotechnology General Manager

Xabier is a relevant expert, with more than 25 years in Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Personalized Medicine, with an extensive research and business experience, in both private and public institutions. With several international publications, he has been member of founder team and advisor for different biotech companies.

Verónica Luna, MSc
Head of Molecular Biology Department

Verónica, who joined Canvax in 2001, is a high-level specialist in the development of Molecular Biology technologies for gene cloning, protein expression, ORF selection and directed molecular evolution. She, and her team, are the developers of the pSpark® Blunt-end DNA cloning vectors, non-odour and odour GPCR expression vectors and more innovative reagents.

Gracia Montero, MSc
Head of Cell Biology Department

Gracia joined Canvax in 2002, after finishing its Bachelor Degree in Food and Biochemical Technology. She leads a team of proficient technicians specialized in growing and managing Canvax´s original 150 cell lines and in transfected or transduced cell lines, with over 1.000 transfections per year. She is deeply involved in the development of cell lines expressing constructs designed and provided by the Molecular Biology department. She is one of the developers of FRIDA, a GPCR High Throughput Screening platform. Since 2008, she is involved in the obtention of the odour GPCR biosensor.

Tania García, MSc
Head of Immunoassays Department

Tania joined Canvax in 2007, and since 2012, she manages the Immunoassays Department team, working to develop highly sensitive biosensors covering the widest range of proteins. She has a solid expertise in Click Chemistry modifications of proteins and immunoassay surfaces, immunochemistry, production and purification of recombinant proteins and Molecular Biology techniques.

Luis Arístides Torres, PhD
Head of Production and Services

Luis joined Canvax in 2012 after completing a Postdoctoral fellowship at Institute Maimónides of Biomedicine (IMIBIC). He is an experienced researcher with close to 20 years experience in relevant Pharmaceutical and Research labs. As R&D Reagents Scientific Leader, he oversees a team who are responsible for manufacturing, validation, packaging, shipping and Customer service of the whole Canvax´s innovative portfolio.

Jesús C. Morales, MBA
Business Development Manager

Jesús joined Canvax in 2013 leading the growth of many of the business aspects including, sales, marketing or finances. Master in Business Administration by Umeå Universitet (Sweden), he is a high-level Life Science expert with more than five years of experience in management positions. Currently, he is responsible to develop and manage R&D Reagents business area, national and international distributor sales network, marketing and business strategies, financial plans and logistics.

Emilio González, PhD
Drug Discovery & Diagnostics Manager

Emilio is an experienced researcher, with more than 15 years of work in prestigious Research Centers, like CIB and Stanford University, who has focused his career in Scientific Entrepreneurship through IE Business School. He is author of more of 20 scientific publications related with skin diseases, cancer therapeutics and diagnostic and was Founder/CSO of a Stanford spin-off, Skin Deep Diagnostics.

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